58 FIR registered online in KPK

Pakistan on 03 September 2013
Location : Peshawar, Pakistan | Source : All Voices.

Online FIR (First investigation report) in KPK province is very impressive step of the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf government and in 90 days of the provincial government more 58 FIR register through the Net. According to the Peshawar police department in the history of Pakistan first time the online FIR registration system started in KPK.

Peshawar police make control room to monitor the online FIR system and 24 hours Computer operator on duty to collect the troubles of the citizen, who’s registered it through the net.

According to the Peshawar police more than 360 complaints were registered online with Peshawar police, in which 58 FIR registered and police investigate the issues, remain under process.

The People of the province registered their issues online and police teams, whose on duty 24 hours check the status of the problem and then registered, after the registration the teams inform the local police station about the FIR and copy sent through Fax to head officer of the police station. In new system police will work in 72 hours after the FIR registration.

Since 2008 mostly police station of the province especially in Peshawar district most police station gates close to the common people and after security threat all police stations make news wall for safety , but the action of the police citizens worried to go to police stations.

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