54 killed in crossfire in 3 months : ASK report

Bangladesh on 01 April 2014
Location : Bangladesh | Source : New Age BD. Image Source: flickr user defence images pakistan

At least 54 people were killed in crossfire of law enforcement agencies from January to March, an Ain o Salish Kendra report said Monday.

The victims include 21 people killed in Rapid Action Battalion’s crossfire, 25 in Police crossfire, one RAB’s crossfire and 7 were killed in Joint Forces’ crossfire, said ASK by compiling reports published by national dailies.

During the period in review, two people were killed in police custody, one in the custody of Border Guard Bangladesh and one was shot dead by the police, said the report.
Out of 39 people  abducted by law enforcement agencies during the three months in question, bodies of only 12 were found, and four were released, ASK said quoting newspaper reports based on claims by victims’ families. 

During the same period, miscreants set fire to 663 Hindu houses, vandalized 192 of their business establishments and   123 incidents of damaging or setting fire to idols, temples and puja pandals took place, it said. Besides, 139 were injured and one was killed in these incidents, it said. 

It said quoting newspaper reports that 90 people were killed and 4,336 others were injured in 315 incidents of political violence during the period.

The ASK report said that two journalists were killed and 63 became victims of e torture during the period. 

During the period, three Bangladeshis  were shot dead by Indian Border Security Force, said the report. Another Bangladesh died in the hands of the BSF but the newspapers could not specify how he was killed. Sixteen were injured by the BSF. Out of 36 others abducted BSF only four returned home through the BGB, it said. Besides, the body of one abducted Bangladeshi was returned to Bangladesh, said the ASK report. 

The ASK report said that eight people died in jail custody, five of them were prisoners and three were detainees. 

And out of 108 women raped during the period 13 women were killed after rape, two rape victims committed suicide and 19 became victims of rape attempts, said the ASK quoting the reported incidents.

There were 89 reported incidents of domestic violence against women, and at least 58 of the women died in domestic violence and 23 women committed suicide.

Fifty-seven women became victims of dowry violence, 62 women became victims of sexual harassment, nine of acid violence and three of sexual harassment during the period, said ASK.

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