4 Ugandans file complaints, cops say action as per rules

India on 21 January 2014
Location : Delhi, India | Source : hindustantimes. Image Source: flickr user bobulix

Four Ugandan nationals have filed separate complaints with the Delhi Police against “unknown persons” for being allegedly misbehaving, physically harassing and threatening them during a Wednesday night raid at their rented accommodation by a Delhi minister and his supporters, police said on Friday.

While the first complaint came on Thursday, the other three complaints were received at the Malviya Nagar police station on Friday. The copies of the complaints have been sent to the Ugandan High Commission, National Human Rights Commission, and National Commission for Women, confirmed a police officer.

Police have informed the Union home ministry and Lieutenant Governor (L-G) Najeeb Jung about the complaints. They claimed further action into the case would be taken as per the law.

In her complaint, one of the Ugandan nationals alleged that she was visiting India for treatment and was putting up at a rented accommodation at Khirki Extension in south Delhi’s Malviya Nagar, with her compatriots.

The Ugandan woman alleged that she was slapped, threatened and misbehaved with by some ‘unidentified’ members of the raiding party. She alleged that the raiding team members hurled racial abuses at her.

“Around 2am, some people forcibly entered our house and asked me to show my passport and other documents. They made me open my bags on the pretext of searching for banned drugs. They tore up my return air travel ticket when I gave it to them to prove that I was staying in India temporarily,” the Ugandan woman in her complaint said.

About the future course of action into the complaints, a police officer said the statements of the complainants would be recorded before a city magistrate and further action would be taken as per the court’s direction.

The other victim claimed that they had been threatened to leave their accommodations many times, sometimes in the middle of the night. “Men have knocked on our doors earlier. We don’t open them but they still keep knocking for hours at times. We have been forced to call the police a number of times,” claimed the other victim.  

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