2000 more women to join Delhi Police

India on 08 August 2013
Location : Delhi, India | Source : Can India. Image Source: Can India

dding 2,000 women to the Delhi Police force and focus on late evening and night patrols are among the measures Delhi’s new police chief Bhim Sain Bassi has in mind to make the city safer for women.

“We will enhance patrolling in the evenings and nights on roads, near shopping complexes and lonely stretches for women’s safety,” Bassi said in an interview after taking over charge Wednesday.

Bassi termed the woman-focused patrolling as “magnetic patrolling”.

If police sight women venturing out at night, they will keep guard – but at a safe distance to ensure they are safe, he explained

“After the Dec 16 (2012) gang-rape, a number of steps have been taken for security of women,” said Bassi. Action would be taken against molesters, he said.

Bassi, who was earlier special commissioner of police (administration), said 2,000 women would be added to the police force.

He said nearly 75,000 women have applied for the 2,000 posts. The number of women applicants reflected a rise of 35 percent.

“Yes, we have already initiated the process of inducting more women constables and sub inspectors. We are removing 500 posts meant for men. The 2,000 posts for women will include these 500 posts,” he added.

Bassi, a 1977-batch Indian Police Service officer, said his priority would be to keep the city safe and maintain law and order.

Asked what were the challenges before the force, he said: “The challenges before the force are keeping the city safe from terrorists and criminals, ensuring mobility of citizens and ensuring safety of women and senior citizens and maintaining communal harmony.”

Bassi said he wants to increase the strength of Delhi Police, which numbers 80,000. “We will try and increase the numbers of personnel, the process has been started.”

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