1,000 More Posts Created in Delhi Police, 522 for Women

India on 22 August 2013
Location : New Delhi, India | Source : Outlook India.

The government has created over 1,000 additional posts in Delhi Police and converted 522 others into the posts of women constable on the recommendation of Justice Usha Mehra Commission's report suggesting one third of the force should be reserved for females.

The Commission, headed by former Delhi High Court Judge Usha Mehra, was formed by the Home Ministry to identify the lapses on the part of Delhi Police, other agencies or persons for the gang-rape incident on December 16 last year.

In its report, the Commission had recommended that for better policing in the national capital, Delhi Police should have one-third of its total force of women.

"The government has issued an advisory to Delhi Police to redeploy all women personnel from other offices to police stations and while filling future vacancies, women should be encouraged to join so that their numbers in police goes upto at least 1/3rd of the total strength," the government said.

Delhi Police has also been provided with 370 PCR vans and all police officers have been directed to provide mobile phones to all beat constables.

They have also been directed to take immediate action to apprehend the accused and provide medical assistance without going into jurisdictional issue.

The government also said they have made non-registry of FIR a criminal offence.

Following the Commission's recommendation, the government has approved installation of 5,312 CCTV cameras in Delhi, out of which 2,677 have been installed at vital locations like the Supreme Court, the High court and busy market places. 

The government said the project was going on and would be further augmented by installation of more CCTV cameras across the city and border check-posts including police stations and liquor vends.

On the recommendation of gender sensitisation of police and society, Delhi Police have been directed to impart gender sensitisation training to all its personnel and educational institutions have been asked to develop and design module to encourage gender sensitisation and moral science.

The Commission had also recommended crime mapping, for which the government has formed a special task force to identify vulnerable routes as will as vulnerable bus routes.

Apart from these, the government has amended the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) and Evidence Act while on the issue of unsatisfactory functioning of State Transport Authority (STA), following an internal inquiry by Union Home Ministry, the Secretary and Assistant Secretary of STA were being proceeded against while the Assistant Secretary of STA has been placed under suspension.

Also, action had been taken by the Home Ministry against the Joint CP Traffic, the DCP traffic and the ACP Traffic and asked Delhi government to take action against the Enforcement Team of Transport Department deployed on the route where the December 16 incident had happened.

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