100 people missing in 30 days leave cops in a tizzy

India on 03 October 2013
Location : Gujarat, India | Source : DNA. Image Source: DNA

Of these, 64 are in the age group of 18 to 67 and remaining are aged between 3 and 17; 29 girls in the age group of 14 to 18.�Pic for representational purpose

City cops have grown wary of the term missing, for that has been plaguing them for quite some time now, more particularly the past one month when 100 such cases have been registered with various police stations. These missing people include abducted kids, girls and adults.

According to the latest figures by police, these people have gone missing from the city between July 24 and August 24. Out of these, 64 are in the age group of 18 to 67 and remaining are aged between three and 17. Among these minors, two a three and a five-year-old went missing along with their respective mothers.

The abduction figures also include 29 girls in the age group of 14 to 18. Their parents have, however, registered a complaint of abduction against the boys with whom their minor girls have eloped. Besides these, cops have also filed abduction complaints against boyfriends of three girls, all in the age group of 18 to 22.

Interestingly, two 15-year-old boys too went missing during the same period, but were luckily, found within a few days. This includes a Naranpura boy who went missing from his home because he wanted to earn money than study. “After vanishing, the boy even started working at a tea stall in Nava Vadaj earning Rs2,000. But the kid was homesick and called up his uncle telling him about his whereabouts and we found him,” said HK Rana, police inspector of Naranpura.

However, there are still many more who are yet to be found and have kept the police on their toes till date.

What plagues the cops most are the minor lovebirds who fly away without a trace. Majority of the police stations receive multiple complaints of ‘abduction’ of such minor girls, who have eloped with their boyfriends. “This is a continuous process for us, as we are getting such complaints on a regular basis. I caught two such youngsters recently, who had fled with minor girls,” said AG Gohil, police inspector of Chandkheda.

As per the police figures, majority of such ‘abductions’ take place in eastern part of the city. According to police inspector MA Vala of Naroda, most of the cases get solved. “Eventually, many minor couples either get caught or turn up voluntarily. However, we are yet to solve 20% of cases, as these lovebirds still elude the net,” Vala said.

Not just minors, police stations are flooded with abduction complaints. Among the 64 missing adults, 43 are females in the age group of 18 to 49. These include frustrated husband doing the vanishing trick to escape wife’s nagging, to senior citizens walking away after discord with their children. Kagdapith police station received a complaint from a husband who lodged a complaint of abduction against his wife’s boyfriend as both have eloped.

Similarly, in Vatva, a wife approached the cops to help trace her missing husband. When cops found him, the husband claimed that frequent quarrels with his nagging wife, persuaded him to leave home. “Many such cases appear regularly, where people leave their home following quarrels,” said MV Gadhvi, police inspector of Vatva.

City-based psychologists, however, pin ‘stress at every level’ as the culprit behind the escapades voluntary or otherwise.

“These people face stress at their work place. When they come home, they face the same situation, which lead to quarrels. They then try to attract sympathy by vanishing from their homes for a few days, for they know that the disappearance will soften people’s attitude towards them,” said Ashwin Jansari, head, department of psychology, Gujarat University.

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