1 in 3 cops in Pune is unfit !

India on 20 February 2014
Location : Pune | Source : DNA India. DNA India

A survey by the city police has revealed that one of every three policemen are unfit. Of the 6,000 police personnel who underwent the fitness test last year, only 2,267 could qualify it.

Doctors claimed that a stressed job, coupled with incorrect diet and wrong eating habits have adversely affected the health of policemen.

Since 2006, the state government has been giving Rs250 per month as fitness allowance to cops, along with their salaries to encourage physical fitness among the policemen in the state.

According to the guidelines, police personnel from constable to inspector rank, who are above 30 year of age, have to appear for an annual medical check-up at the police hospital and KEM hospital. 

During the check up, doctors checked the blood pressure, blood and urine sugar levels, eyesight, hearing capability and functioning of other organs such as heart, liver and kidney.

Their body mass index (BMI) and other parameters for fitness are checked and subsequently certificates are issued. A suitable amount is also sanctioned as allowance.

There are about 9,000, including both men and women cops, in the Pune Police Force.
In 2012, of the 6,000 police personnel who appeared for fitness tests, only 1,896 were found successful.

Speaking to dna, deputy commissioner of police (Headquarter II) Shirish Sardeshpande, said, “It is not mandatory for police personnel to appear for fitness tests. After the poor reports, we have tied up with city hospitals to organise special awareness programmes on diet and health management. This has benefited some policemen as they have been following doctors’ instructions meticulously.”

Before joining the police department, candidates have to undergo physical fitness test that records their age, weight, chest and height measurements. However, they neglect health after joining the force.

Senior officers are of the opinion that the repercussions are to be seen in instances where unfit cops have posed a problem both in solving cases as well as in protecting themselves. In the recent past, 11 incidents were reported where the police have failed to thwart attack by robbers.

Some policemen are of the opinion that it is difficult for them to remain fit as they work on the field beyond their capacity. Many a times, they have to be on duty for more than 24 hours. 

Besides, during sensitive events in the city, their weekly offs are cancelled.

Sardeshpande said, “We have been taking extra efforts to improve the fitness level. We have started yoga classes as well. Moreover, we are supporting policemen who are in sports. So that they can remain fit and maintain their physical fitness.”

A police constable who did not want to divulge his identity told dna, “We often skip lunch or dinner. We are often deprived of a proper sleep. On occasions, we are recalled for duty soon after we reach home. How are we supposed to maintain a good health?”

Although, seventy five percent policemen are unfit in the city but still there is some good news for the Pune police as 371 policemen have improved their fitness level in a year and found the fit.

Senior police officers of Pune police have claimed that they have taken extra efforts to create awareness among the policemen in the city. They have been orgnaising various health camps, yoga classes and also opened gymnasium at police colony in the city. So that the policemen can maintain their fitness level.

Speaking to dna, deputy commissioner of police (Headquarter II) Shirish Sardeshpande said, "We have been taking efforts to create awareness among the policemen in the city. We have been organising various health camps and instructing policemen to follow particular diet. Besides, we also encouraging them to participate in the sports activities. So that they can maintain their physical fitness."

Moreover, the Pune police has appointed special police constable to look after health camps. As a result, the constables has been organising the camps at police station and zonal levels. Thus, most of the policemen checked in these camps.

Sardeshpande further said, "We have made rules for every police station and department that they should send at least two policemen for special health camp at police headquarter. After coming for the special course, these policemen will only focus on their fitness and health. After completing the course, we have seen most of the policemen pay attention to their health."

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