Facts and Figures

Total number of police personnel - 3000

Total number of police stations - 49



November 2013

Women Police in the Maldives: Facts and Figures

A thorough look at Women Police in the Maldives, with a view on deployment, ranks, policy initiatives, and overall strength of women's representation.   read more

November 2013

Policy Initiatives on Gender Equality in Maldives Police Service

A look at policy initiatives on gender equality in the Maldives Police Services with a view to strategy, structure and systems. read more

November 2013

Experiences of Women Police Officers in Maldives Police Service

An analysis of the experience of women in the Maldives Police Service through recruitment, training, operational status, promotions, welfare, and sexual harassment.   read more

2012, September

PIC Report 6-7 February 2012

Summary Report on 6th and 7th February 2012 incidents – Police Integrity Commission, the Maldives read more

2012, October

PIC Report 8 February 2012

Summary Report on 8th February incidents in Male - Police Integrity Commission, the Maldives read more

2012, June

HRCM report to the HRC - June 2012

Shadow Report on the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Human Rights Commission of the Maldives read more

2012, June

HR Violations Maldives

Human Rights Violations: Maldives - February-June 2012 by Mariya Ali read more

2012, June

Torture Victims Association 2012 Redress

"THIS IS WHAT I WANTED TO TELL YOU": Addressing the Legacy of Torture and Ill-treatment in the Maldives read more

2012, August

FIDH report

Political Violence in Maldives - International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) read more


CONI a legal review

A Legal Review of the Report of the Commission of National Inquiry read more

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