Facts and Figures

Police-population ratio: 1:1073

Number of female police officers: 4804

Strength of police: 139,546



November 2013

Women in Policing in Bangladesh

A presentation on women in policing in Bangladesh, with a historical summary as well as current statistics and key policy initiatives.   read more

November 2013

Bangladesh Police Women's Network

An exploration of the Bangladesh Police Women's Network, the reasons for its launch, its vision, goals, achievements, activities and future plans to strength the position of policewomen in Bangladesh. read more

May 2014

Democracy in the Crossfire - Opposition Violence and Government Abuses in the 2014 pre and post-election period in Bangladesh

Parliamentary elections in Bangladesh in January 2014 were the most violent in the country’s history. Months of political violence before and after the elections left hundreds dead and injured across the country.    The Awami League (AL) government and the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) sharply disagreed read more

May 2014

Bangladesh Police Reform Program Annual Report 2013

Police Reform Programme (Phase II), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh Highlights include:   "Police Act 2013" The Bangladesh Police Working Group focusing on the draft Police Ordinance 2007 has finalized its review work after intensive consultations. After the return of the draft Police Ordinance read more

August, 2013

Blood on the Streets: The Use of Excessive Force During Bangladesh Protests The 48-page report is based on 95 interviews with victims and their family members, witnesses, human rights defenders, journalists, and lawyers. The report documents case after case in which police, the paramilitary Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), and the Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) opened fire into read more

2012, March

Rapid Evaluation of PRP Direct Supported CPFs: Final Report

Police Reform Programme, March 2012 read more


PRP Annual Report 2012

Police Reform Programme, 2013 read more

2011, December

Baseline Survey on Personal Security and Police Performance in Bangladesh

Police Reform Programme, December 2011 read more

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